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Yes Yes!! The dates are set! Surfana Festival will be happening again in September 2020. Mark it in your Diary, save it as a note, message your parents, spread the word.


This year weekend tickets will be sold in 3 phases. So jump on those early birds

Full Weekend + sleeping ticket
Early Bird Weekend: €107.50 (400 Available)
Late Bird Weekend: €117.50 (400 Available)
Standard Weekend: €127.50 (400 Available)
Late Weekend: €135,- (400 Available)
Gives 1 person access to all days and nights of the festival + access to the campsite. You can set up your tent. We have a rule that everybody gets 6m2 of space to set up his or her tent. So please get cozy and share tents. This ticket excludes campervan or other fancy accommodation option. Earlybirds will have the cheapest tickets ofcourse

Full Weekend sleeping ticket Kids (€35,-)
Gives 1 child 3 – 12 years old access to all days and nights of the festival + access to the campsite.

Campervan ticket (€37,50)
Provides you with a weekend ticket + campervan sticker that gives you the right to park your campervan on the campsite. Each person staying in a campervan needs to have a Full Weekend Ticket. There is a maximum of 4 people that can stay in one campervan. No trailers allowed.

Passe partout (€87,50)*
Access to all days of the festival – without campsite/sleeping access. So basically daytickets for the whole weekend, with a discount. With a Passe partout you are only allowed to the festival terrain during opening hours.

New in 2020! Parking for regular vehicles wil be done outside the campsite area. There will be enough parking places. A plan will follow soon!
If you’re young, fit, healthy with no kids; coming to the festival alone or with limited baggage. Please consider that there are single parents with one or multiple children who would benefit from this more so than you.

Friday ticket (€27,50)*
Access to the festival on Friday September 4, from 11:00 until 00:00.

Saturday ticket (€47,50)*
Access to the festival on Saturday September 5, from 11:00 until 00:00.

Sunday ticket (€27,50)*
Access to the festival on Sunday September 6, from 11:00 until 00:00.
*We charge the following prices for children aged 14 to 17:
Friday ticket (€12,50)
Saturday ticket (€17,50)
Sunday ticket (€12,50)

Day tickets for children up to 13 years are free.

Each ticket comes with a €1.50 euro service charge. All tickets are tax inclusive.

We remain the right to refuse people that misbehave or don’t respect campsite or festival policies.

Check out for more info! 😉 Shaka

Alleen dingen doen is leuk, maar soms is samen nog leuker!

Deel deze activiteit met je familie, vrienden en kennissen.