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Huun Huur Tu | Bimhuis

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Throat singers from Tuva, legendary for thirty years for their overtone singing and fascinating interplay on authentic instruments.
The singers of Huun Huur Tu are the most famous ambassadors of Tuva, the mysterious republic on the Mongolian border. In the early nineties the first albums were released by the group that baffled Western audiences with overtone singing, a technique using the throat and producing several different pitches by one voice. The singers come from the nomadic culture of Tuva and their songs are inspired by its ancient shamanic rituals. The four members play traditional instruments such as flute, fiddle, lute and percussion.

‘Truly astounding, powerful and evocative’ (BBC).

Kaigal-ool Khovalyg vocals/igil/doshpuluur, Sayan Bapa vocals/doshpuluur/marinhuur/guitar, Alexey Saryglar vocals/tungur/dashaaning khavy, Chanzy Radik Tyulyush vocals/byzaanchi/khomuz/amarga
Oct 18, 2020 | Huun Huur Tu | Bimhuis
Tickets: €23 (seated), €19 (standing)
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